Saturday, 14 May 2011

Part 16

"What were you THINKING?!" Kallista sounded apalled. "YOU JUST THOUGHT: 'Oh hey! I was almost forced to kill my best friends recently! Why don't I let myself turn into a disgusting monster that roams the streets killing people! Then they can kill me!' WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!"
    Lilith flinched away from Kallista's anger, hiding her face and not making eye-contact with any of them.
    "Leave her alone for a moment Kallista." Jaffa cut in before more yelling started. "You've been ragging on at her for hours."
    Kallista sighed. "You're right. Of course you are..." She looked back at Lilith. "I just don't see why you would do that! You were being more than a bit ridiculous." She sighed again and grabbed Lilith into a hug. This felt horribly wrong for Lilith after all that had happened recently, but she didn't say anything. "Don't let yourself become a monster like that ever again!" Kallista murmured.
    She stood back and smiled hesitantly.
    "You guys," She said pointing towards Skylara, March and Aquila. "Should get to know Lilith more before getting angry about this."
    At that, Skylara was suddenly shouting. "SHE TRIED TO KILL US ALL!" She yelled. "AND THEN SHE ALLOWED HERSELF TO TURN INTO A MONSTER!"
    March started yelling too. "AND SHE ATTACKED ME!"
    Kallista stood there, not at all shaken by their attitudes towards what she'd just said. She sighed. "In case you must not remember, Lilith helped us fight Dusk when she realised what she'd done wrong, and she also obviously didn't mean to attack you March."
    "She didn't mean, to ATTACK ME?!"
    Kallista sighed. "It doesn't matter! She's not agaisnt us, so learn to be her friend!" And Kallista walked out, rolling her eyes with an exasperated look on her face.
    They all stood there for a moment, unable to think of a conversation starter, until Lilith suddenly spoke up. "I going out for a walk." And she stepped towards the door.
    Suddenly Dragona was stood in front of her. "Lilith," He said tiredly. "You can't go outside... we..."
    Lilith stood there for a moment. She suddenly stomped her foot. "Why are you constantly trying to imprison me? I live here, and so I should be able to come and go as I please!"
    Dragona's face went hard. "Lilith, you're staying."
    Lilith growled slightly, before stomping off to her chair, plopping herself down on it, her legs sideways, and her arms crossed and leant on the back of the seat.
    The others murmured slightly, as if now desperate to fill in the silence no matter what words they used to do so.
    Lilith stared out of the window at the bright sun. She sighed, her anger melting away. How could she be angry at any of them after what she'd done these last few days? They had the right to be over protective... just a bit... didn't they?
    Lilith was abruptly throwing away this thought. She was in her house, and so they shouldn't be able to keep her inside against her will...
    She stepped forward, reaching for the window. She took hold of the latches, and yanked them open, shoving the window wide.
    Jaffa stepped cautiously towards Lilith. "What are you doing?" She asked, suspicious.
   "Oh, nothing." Lilith replied easily. "It's just such a nice day, and since you guys won't let me leave..."
   Jaffa almost seemed to sigh with relief, and Lilith realised what she must've thought. She almost laughed out loud. They all thought that she wanted to kill herself. Oh course she didn't, at least, not until she'd righted her wrongs, and tried her best to make up for siding with Dusk.
    Jaffa turned away, smiling briefly at Lilith. Lilith smiled back, then looked out of the window. She breathed in the fresh air, grinning.
    Lilith glanced quickly back at the others to make sutre no one was looking her way, and then jumped at her chance.
    She brought her right knee up, and shoved her toe through the open window, leaning her head out after it, and bringing her second leg over.
    She heard the others. "Lilith, what on earth are you doing?!" Isabella squeaked.
    Lilith didn't stop though. She made sure that her feet were nicely fit onto the window ledge, and then grabbed the top of the window, standing up. None of the people inside could see her face now, and they seemed to be getting increasingly worried every second.
    Lilith started shuffling along the ledge, reaching her arms out to the next window when she reached then end, and then slipping her feet across the short gap.
    She heard running footsteps inside, and turned to see five heads pop out of the window that she'd just been by, squishing against the frames. She giggled.
    "Lilith!" Jaffa yelled.
    "Oh look, the vamp's escaping now..." Skylara muttered in a bored voice.
    Even March glared at her. "Lilith," She looked up at Lilith as she reached the third window. "Stop!"
    Lilith shook her head and smiled. "No way, you guys aren't letting me out, so I'll let myself out!" She dropped low, and took hold of the ledge that she was stood on. She then moved one foot from it, and slid herself down the wall onto the ledge below. She grabbed the top of this new window, and continued down.
    "LILITH!" Dragona's voice roared over the top of the other's. "GET BACK HERE!"
    Lilith giggled again. "Forget it!" And she jumped down the rest of the way, landing on the ground in a neat crouch.
   Suddenly , the others were scrambling to either get out the window after her, no matter hoow ridiculous it would be, or get their heads out so that they could get downstairs.
    Lilith glanced back up at them for just a moment, and she heard another voice from inside.
    "Guys," Kallista said. "What are you-" Her head popped out of the window and she saw Lilith. "Lilith!"
    Lilith ran. She sprinted to the alley behind her house, and skidded on one heel as she turned into it. She sped forward, vaulting over the bins and skipping past the creatures that roamed through the narrow path. At one point, she even passed a hobo, but didn't stop to see if he was alarmed by her running. She knew that by now, all of them would be after her, and there was a lot of them to get away from.
    Lilith heard voices shouting and footsteps echoing as they came charging after her. She almost laughed out loud. This was almost as exciting as kicking a bad guy's butt.
    She slipped on the damp stones and landed on her bum, sliding on the rotten muck. "Euurrghh..." She made a slight sound of distaste, but when she listened and realised that the others were almost right on top of her, she hopped quckly into a doorway that was right beside her. She poked her head back into the shadows just as they tumbled through the sludge and rot that she'd just fallen on.
    They were soon gone, and Lilith stood and stepped out. She looked around, and wiped off the disgusting substance that had coated her jeans. She looked at her hand, retching at the sight and deciding to get rid of it on the wall.
    She then started off through the alley, taking a few turns and ending up outside in a clean street, filled with people.
    Lilith looked out across the sun-filled crowd. She was now able to sort all of her troubles, and what better place to start than here?