Friday, 6 January 2012

Part 21

Lilith's eyes opened and she gasped.
    After a few moments, she became aware of someone being in there.
    "Hey..." She murmured, expecting it to be Kal... maybe Isabella...
    But she'd locked the door.
    As she turned around to see who it was, they stepped forward, moonlight glinting off the knife that they held.
    Lilith squeaked, and rolled sideways, falling off her bed and tripping them up. She then rolled back and right under her bed.
    The person grunted and crouched down, reaching underneath the bed to grab her. She shifted backwards further, but they managed to get a hold of her jacket, and they heaved her out.
    She was pulled high up into the air, then thrown down across the room.
    The person stalked towards her, and she managed to scramble up to her knees before they reached her and pulled her back up into the air, holding her by the scruff of her neck. Lilith realised now that it was Dusk, and the horror of what she had just seen threatened to pull her back into unconsciousness, but she really couldn't afford to do something like that, especially when Dusk had a knife held so close to her face.
    "You could have helped us you know!" He threw the words at her. "You could have been a part of the new world we are creating! To some, it may seem like a dead kind of world, but for us... we will be like kings!"
    "What are you doing then Dusk?" Lilith fought to keep her voice even and confident.
    He chuckled. "You won't live long enough to care!"
    "Then why not tell me?"
    "Nice try." Dusk smiled mockingly.
    Lilith scowled. "I thought you were a sucker for the cliches Dusk!" She growled. "Do you like this one?" She spat in his face.
    For a split second, he stood there, astonished, before a look of pure rage came across his dark features. "You little brat!" He roared.
    Taking one hand away from the grip he had on her collar, he punched her across the jaw, letting her go when he had made contact.
    Lilith fell to the floor, sliding across the room a bit when she landed. She rolled and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, trying to get over the aching.
    Dusk sauntered up to her, and stood above her for a moment. She peeked up at him briefly, wondering whether or not to try to shuffle away.
    He reached down, and grabbed her hair in his fist, pulling her head right back.
    On just her knees now, her neck was totally bare, free for him to bend over and place his knife on it.
    He grinned a sadistic smile. "I'm glad that I'm finally getting to kill you. Every time I decided that I couldn't be bothered with you anymore, you were able to slip away. But now, I get to do it myself."
    Lilith looked into his eyes with pure anger, gritting her teeth.
    The world seemed to go in slow motion. Lilith blinked, waiting for something amazing to happen that would save her, but nothing was happening. She was going to die like this... so easily...
    Dusk lowered his head and grinned right in her face. "I'm shocked that you've lost your nerve, even now, but it's over, so I really don't care!"
    The window smashed.
    Dusk turned in shock.
    A figure rushed in through the window.
    Lilith fell away from Dusk quickly, and the man stood in front of Dusk a second, before punching him  full-on in the jaw.
    Dusk growled and turned back to attack, but the man punched again.
    And again.
    He tried again, but Dusk ducked and swung a punch of his own.
    The mysterious figure stumbled back and Dusk blurred towards him, grabbing his jacket and hauling him across the room. He blurred to him again, and moved to hit him, but the man managed to recover.
    He growled and dodged Dusk's attack. He went for a direct approach, diving at the legs and tackling Dusk to the ground.
    Dusk rolled over and snatched one of his feet free. He kicked the man in the head over and over, and his grip loosened.
    Dusk stood up and looked to Lilith who was sat in the corner now, unconscious.
    Dusk saw her, a young girl, shivering, and knew that he should've felt bad for what he was about to do... but he felt nothing.
    He walked up and grabbed her limp body, dragging his knife back out and raising it to stab her.
    But yet again his plans were foiled when the man behind him roared in anger and grabbed his arm with the knife in it.
    He pulled it away, and took the knife himself.
    He lunged, knocked Dusk back, and pinned him against the wall, threatening him with the knife.
    "Get out now." He said, in plain fury.
    He let go of Dusk and shoved him towards the window. Dusk turned to face him. "I don't think so." And he stepped forward shoving an elbow in the man's face.
    The man fell to his knees, in shock, gasping with a dazed expression on his face. Next thing he knew, Dusk had leaped out of the window, dragging Lilith along with him.
    As he stood, the moonlight illuminated his features, and revealed that he dud in fact not look at all like a man. He was... a boy. Sixteen at the oldest. But he was a vampire, and so there was no telling his real age.
    He looked to the window. "Damn." He clenched his teeth and jumped after him.