Thursday, 9 June 2011

Part 17

"Oh hooray..." March muttered dully. "The monster's free..."
    Kallista shook her head sadly. They were in a large sunny street, but she was pretty sure that they wouldn't find Lilith. They must have passed her.
    "Lets go back." Dragona said. "She's not here. She'll probably come back when she wants to..."
    The others mumured in agreement, and all turned to go back to the house, when Jaffa suddenly stopped.
    "Hey guys!" She pointed across the street, and through the small gaps in the people, they all saw a small, dark-haired girl wearing a plain leather jacket. She turned slightly and they saw her face. That was all they'd needed.
    Without thinking, Skylara burst out. "Lilith!"
    Lilith's eyes flckered through the crowd for a moment, before they fell on her friends. Her eyes widened for a moment, and then she ran, pushing through the crowds.
    The others stood there, stunned for a moment, until Jaffa yelled, "Get her!" and they were all running again.
    The crowds seemed a bigger problem than they had before, as Lilith was rather small, even for her age, and able to slip between the people. She leaped across the stones, gracefully dodging the many obstacles that came her way. She was soon lost in the sea of bodies.
    "Damn!" Dragona said. A moment later, Lilith's head bobbed up, seeing where they were. What a mistake. She yelped and ran.
    She rushed to the side of the road, ducking down so that the others wouldn't see her. She stepped back into the shadows in a doorway slowly, looking on as they ran past again.
    She sighed with relief, and was about to step back out onto the street, when someone grabbed her around the waist, and covered her mouth, hauling her back, through the door behid her, and into a dark building.
    She scrambled around, trying to scream, but the sound was muffled by the hand. The cold hand...
    In her mind, Lilith cursed, yelling all of the swear-words that she knew.
    Dusk grinned. "Here we go again."