Friday, 6 January 2012

Part 21

Lilith's eyes opened and she gasped.
    After a few moments, she became aware of someone being in there.
    "Hey..." She murmured, expecting it to be Kal... maybe Isabella...
    But she'd locked the door.
    As she turned around to see who it was, they stepped forward, moonlight glinting off the knife that they held.
    Lilith squeaked, and rolled sideways, falling off her bed and tripping them up. She then rolled back and right under her bed.
    The person grunted and crouched down, reaching underneath the bed to grab her. She shifted backwards further, but they managed to get a hold of her jacket, and they heaved her out.
    She was pulled high up into the air, then thrown down across the room.
    The person stalked towards her, and she managed to scramble up to her knees before they reached her and pulled her back up into the air, holding her by the scruff of her neck. Lilith realised now that it was Dusk, and the horror of what she had just seen threatened to pull her back into unconsciousness, but she really couldn't afford to do something like that, especially when Dusk had a knife held so close to her face.
    "You could have helped us you know!" He threw the words at her. "You could have been a part of the new world we are creating! To some, it may seem like a dead kind of world, but for us... we will be like kings!"
    "What are you doing then Dusk?" Lilith fought to keep her voice even and confident.
    He chuckled. "You won't live long enough to care!"
    "Then why not tell me?"
    "Nice try." Dusk smiled mockingly.
    Lilith scowled. "I thought you were a sucker for the cliches Dusk!" She growled. "Do you like this one?" She spat in his face.
    For a split second, he stood there, astonished, before a look of pure rage came across his dark features. "You little brat!" He roared.
    Taking one hand away from the grip he had on her collar, he punched her across the jaw, letting her go when he had made contact.
    Lilith fell to the floor, sliding across the room a bit when she landed. She rolled and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, trying to get over the aching.
    Dusk sauntered up to her, and stood above her for a moment. She peeked up at him briefly, wondering whether or not to try to shuffle away.
    He reached down, and grabbed her hair in his fist, pulling her head right back.
    On just her knees now, her neck was totally bare, free for him to bend over and place his knife on it.
    He grinned a sadistic smile. "I'm glad that I'm finally getting to kill you. Every time I decided that I couldn't be bothered with you anymore, you were able to slip away. But now, I get to do it myself."
    Lilith looked into his eyes with pure anger, gritting her teeth.
    The world seemed to go in slow motion. Lilith blinked, waiting for something amazing to happen that would save her, but nothing was happening. She was going to die like this... so easily...
    Dusk lowered his head and grinned right in her face. "I'm shocked that you've lost your nerve, even now, but it's over, so I really don't care!"
    The window smashed.
    Dusk turned in shock.
    A figure rushed in through the window.
    Lilith fell away from Dusk quickly, and the man stood in front of Dusk a second, before punching him  full-on in the jaw.
    Dusk growled and turned back to attack, but the man punched again.
    And again.
    He tried again, but Dusk ducked and swung a punch of his own.
    The mysterious figure stumbled back and Dusk blurred towards him, grabbing his jacket and hauling him across the room. He blurred to him again, and moved to hit him, but the man managed to recover.
    He growled and dodged Dusk's attack. He went for a direct approach, diving at the legs and tackling Dusk to the ground.
    Dusk rolled over and snatched one of his feet free. He kicked the man in the head over and over, and his grip loosened.
    Dusk stood up and looked to Lilith who was sat in the corner now, unconscious.
    Dusk saw her, a young girl, shivering, and knew that he should've felt bad for what he was about to do... but he felt nothing.
    He walked up and grabbed her limp body, dragging his knife back out and raising it to stab her.
    But yet again his plans were foiled when the man behind him roared in anger and grabbed his arm with the knife in it.
    He pulled it away, and took the knife himself.
    He lunged, knocked Dusk back, and pinned him against the wall, threatening him with the knife.
    "Get out now." He said, in plain fury.
    He let go of Dusk and shoved him towards the window. Dusk turned to face him. "I don't think so." And he stepped forward shoving an elbow in the man's face.
    The man fell to his knees, in shock, gasping with a dazed expression on his face. Next thing he knew, Dusk had leaped out of the window, dragging Lilith along with him.
    As he stood, the moonlight illuminated his features, and revealed that he dud in fact not look at all like a man. He was... a boy. Sixteen at the oldest. But he was a vampire, and so there was no telling his real age.
    He looked to the window. "Damn." He clenched his teeth and jumped after him.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Part 20

After the fire, Lilith thought the pain was over.
    It should've been.
    It normally was.
    But something about this one was different.
    Something had changed.
    Lilith stared at the charred, dead body of her father.
    She turned to run, but was stopped when the world twisted around her. The ground crumbled away, dropping her down... down... down...
    She gasped, and found that she was sat on a wooden floor, her eyes closed.
    She opened them.
    It was so dark.
    Lilith squinted through the darkness.
    She could faintly see moonlight filtering through a window somewhere to her side, but clouds made the light dim.
    She breathed heavily as her eyes searched across the room. Something was going to happen, and it wasn't going to be good.
    She jumped slightly when she saw the person sat beneath the window. She waited a moment, but they  didn't seem to mean her any harm.
    Their heart... it was beating so loud... and so fast. They must have sensed it too. The danger.
    The moon briefly came clear of the clouds, before plunging Lilith and the other person back into darkness.
    She froze. Their heart wasn't beating. The person was dead. Blood was everywhere... which meant that the heartbeat was coming from-
    "What?" Lilith gasped and clutched at her chest. She was alive. "Impossible..." She whispered.
    She looked around with new eyes. Tears of... shock? Happiness? A mixture of the two... were running down her cheeks.
    Lilith blinked to clear her vision, and she looked back to the dead person. It was recent, that much she could see.
    Her eyes had adjusted well already, and she could see that the blood was trailing across the floor. She followed it with her eyes till it came right up to her. Blood surrounded the area of the floor that she sat upon a grim pool of red, with things mixed in that she couldn't bring herself to look at.
    Had she...?
    She blinked again, and the world around her changed.
    There were suddenly mirrors surrounding her, and every angle the looked, all she could see was the blood of her clothes, her hands... her face...
    Blood even dripped from the ceiling... the ceiling?
    Lilith looked up into the pitch black eyes of Dusk as he hung down by his feet... dead.
    Suddenly she was sat on dead bodies, a huge mound of them. In the terrifying heap, she could see faces... faces she knew.
    Aquila... Isabella... Kallista, NJ, NiallVeniceOctaDragona-

Friday, 30 December 2011

Part 19

"Ow!" Lilith glared.
    Venice just rolled her eyes. "Hold still, will you? I can't do this if you keep fidgeting!"
    "I will not hold still!" Lilith shouted. "I have rights!"
    Venice smirked and continued bandaging her wounds, glancing up briefly and smiling as Niall walked in. "Who's torturing the little girl?" He asked.
    Lilith laughed once. "Little girl? I've been a vampire for ages! I'm not that young!"
    "So you keep telling us all." Venice grinned.
    Niall wandered up to stand beside her, his hand on her shoulder. He smiled and winked at her.
    "Oh!" Lilith shouted. "No starting with that! Not in here!"
    He sighed, but stopped. "Anyway," He said. "I just came in here to see how you were both doing..."
    Lilith raised an eyebrow. "And see if I knew anything? No. Or maybe they wanted you to spy on me to see if I was going to stay. Apart from that, I would only think that they could want you to see if I'd turned over to the dark side. You know, this is beginning to sound like a corny adventure film..." She snorted. "Oh, no wait! You probably just came in here to start smooching with your girlfriend!"
    Niall blinked. "Actually I really did just come in to see if you were doing okay... I could I go...?"
    Lilith crossed her arms. "Whatever."
    He waited a second, then shrugged and wandered off.
    Venice suddenly looked very angry. "You know, you could try to be a bit nicer. Is this how you usually treat people that you've just met? Plus, I'm trying to heal you. Plus I came and beat up your boyfriend, so don't be so rude!"
    Lilith ground her teeth.
    Venice sighed and got back to work.

Lilith sat on one of the chairs in her house's kitchen, reading.
    Brain Muncher by Gordon Edgley. The other's had said that these books were good, and apparently, the author had been involved in the magic world before he died, so she'd decided to check it out.
    The others were still around somewhere, but she wanted some privacy, so they were off in the other rooms, figuring out what to do about Dusk.
    After a while, it started to get late, but no one left to go home. Instead, the boys walked in and started rooting through her fridge to find some food.
    Niall made a face. "There's nothing in here!" Then he blinked. "Well, nothing but milk..."
    Lilith just raised an eyebrow. She didn't even bother looking up from the book.
    Kallista walked in after them. "And you expected there to be food? We're in a vampire's house Niall!" Shaking her head, she wandered round to open the cabinet above the sink. "But Lilith always keeps some coffee in the cupboards!" She grinned and poked Niall in the ribs. "That's the only reason she has the milk!"
    Lilith sighed and closed the book.
    Everyone turned their heads to her.
    She ignored them and continued silently up to her room, locking the door behind her. She dumped the book on the bed-side table.
    She didn't really need any of the stuff in this house, but she liked it to be there, because it made her feel more normal. As for the whole food issue... she rarely got visitors, and if you have a fridge full of food that you're never going to eat, then your house begins to smell a bit...
    Lilith smiled dully. She loved those guys downstairs. Not in a creepy way... more like they were her family... but of course, her real family was dead... they had been dead for a long time... and it had been her fault...
    "No!" Lilith gasped.
    Too late, she realised what was happening, and let her thoughts run out of control.
    Her knees buckled, and she collapsed, falling into the abyss of her dark past.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Part 18

Lilith opened her eyes.
    A bright white light shone on her. This was quite different to last time.
    Dusk walked in through the door opposite her, and sat down. His friend from last time stepped in after him, locking the door.
    "Lilith," Dusk spoke "We've been here before. We know how this ends."
    "Not this time Dusk." Lilith spoke clearly, not drowsy in any way. Yes, she had been knocked out, and so yes, she was a bit hurt, but she wasn't actually scared. Maybe it was because she hated herself anyway, and wouldn't mind dying. Or maybe it was because she really believed that Dusk wasn't going to hurt her. Whatever the reason, she was able to speak strongly, and that was very helpful.
    Dusk shook his head. "You'll give in to us. You know you will. What's the point of you acting this way now?"
    Lilith ignored the question, asking her own. "Dusk, why are you doing this? Why do you want me so bad?"
    "I don't." Dusk smiled evilly. But there was something behind it, some sort of uncertainty. Dusk hid it well though.
    "Then why not just leave me alone? Or better yet, kill me! That would help you, and your little party of idiots!"
    Dusk's friend growled.
    Dusk himself just shook his head. "That would not help us. We want to preserve as many of our own kind as possible."
    Lilith narrowed her eyes. "What are you really trying to do here? What is this evil scheme of yours?"
    Dusk sighed almost sadly. "I cannot tell you that unless you agree to side with us, and I am sure of your absolute devotion. Sorry."
    Lilith looked at him for a moment, searching in his eyes. He looked away automatically, making her raise her eyebrow.
    When Dusk looked up, he realised what he looked like now and scowled at her. Looking at his hench-man, he barked, "Kill her!" and turned to leave.
    "Aww, what's wrong Dusk?" Lilith asked, her mocking voice causing him to stop and half turn his head back to her. "Are you unable to do anything for yourself anymore? You seem to use this man here a lot!"
    He growled. "I will not be baited by you!" And with that he stormed out of the room.
    The man grinned at Lilith. "I think this is gonna be quite fun..."
    She smiled breezily back at him. "Ditto."
    As he advanced on her, slowly to add to the tension, Lilith fought to drive back the panic that had overwhelmed her when she was last in this position. This time... she didn't have a plan... but she had a chance.
    The man was slightly confused at Lilith's smile, but he continued towards her. He slowly pulled a small, but very sharp, knife from his pocket, and Lilith almost laughed at him. As if he needed it...
    His grin widened when he came to a stop, bending over to look her in the eye.
    Lilith swallowed, holding back for as long as she could. Wait... wait...
    Dusk's "minion" raised the knife, and the look in his eyes told Lilith that he was going to make this slow, and painful.
    But still Lilith held back, waiting...
    "Lets start on your face..." He raised the knife to her cheek, cutting into her skin lightly.
    She clenched her teeth, feeling a single drop of blood run down her face, and finally she springed into action, unable to let him continue hurting her.
    She kicked her leg (which she'd riggled free of the rope) up, shoving him away about a meter.
    Shocked, the man stumbled a bit, before growling and running back up to Lilith.
    Her body blurred slightly as she leapt up out of the chair, kicking him it the chin and landing behind the seat she had been tied to, her hands now tied to it in front of her.
    As the man stood up, Lilith noticed the blood in his mouth, and the missing teeth. He was really annoyed now. She blamed her boots.
    He ran at her, and she grabbed the chair, raising it to point the legs at him. He ran straight into the end of the chair, unable to stop. He fell to the ground. Lilith pulled the chair back and raised it above her head, bringing it crashing down on his back as he began to get up again. He was knocked to the floor again, and one of the legs of the chair fell off, another snapping. He groaned.
    Lilith stood there a moment, wondering what to do now, and suddenly her legs disappeared beneath her. The chair fell from her grip, and hit her painfully across the stomach and face as her arms came down. The man stood above her, holding the broken chair legs, grinning. Smile wide on his face, he smacked one of the legs down onto Lilith's face. He hit her a again, not allowing her to get up, then lifted his weapon and whacked her a third time. He bent low, holding her down with one hand, and he hit her on the head again.
    Her face was battered and bleeding now, a good match to his.
    Lilith was flinching in anticipation to the next hit, when the door exploded across the room, and a young woman who looked about twenty-nine stepped in through the door. Her eyes widened slightly, but a moment later she had the man pinned against the wall.
    Lilith looked over when she heard running footsteps, and saw Isabella run into the room. She knelt next to Lilith as Dragona, Aquila, Jaffa and Kal rushed in, closely followed by a tall, brown-haired teenage girl, and a slightly younger girl, who had parts of her hair blue.
    All of them ran to her side immediately, helping her up, and walking to the door right away.
    Dragona called back to the woman "Venice, come on!" and she dropped the now unconcious man, running after them all.
    On the edge of consciousness, Lilith leant hard on Isabella's shoulder, and so her and the others around her were practically carrying her away. She heard a small mumble from Isabella "We've got you now..." And then she was gone, into blackness, her mind set at ease by that single sentence.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Part 17

"Oh hooray..." March muttered dully. "The monster's free..."
    Kallista shook her head sadly. They were in a large sunny street, but she was pretty sure that they wouldn't find Lilith. They must have passed her.
    "Lets go back." Dragona said. "She's not here. She'll probably come back when she wants to..."
    The others mumured in agreement, and all turned to go back to the house, when Jaffa suddenly stopped.
    "Hey guys!" She pointed across the street, and through the small gaps in the people, they all saw a small, dark-haired girl wearing a plain leather jacket. She turned slightly and they saw her face. That was all they'd needed.
    Without thinking, Skylara burst out. "Lilith!"
    Lilith's eyes flckered through the crowd for a moment, before they fell on her friends. Her eyes widened for a moment, and then she ran, pushing through the crowds.
    The others stood there, stunned for a moment, until Jaffa yelled, "Get her!" and they were all running again.
    The crowds seemed a bigger problem than they had before, as Lilith was rather small, even for her age, and able to slip between the people. She leaped across the stones, gracefully dodging the many obstacles that came her way. She was soon lost in the sea of bodies.
    "Damn!" Dragona said. A moment later, Lilith's head bobbed up, seeing where they were. What a mistake. She yelped and ran.
    She rushed to the side of the road, ducking down so that the others wouldn't see her. She stepped back into the shadows in a doorway slowly, looking on as they ran past again.
    She sighed with relief, and was about to step back out onto the street, when someone grabbed her around the waist, and covered her mouth, hauling her back, through the door behid her, and into a dark building.
    She scrambled around, trying to scream, but the sound was muffled by the hand. The cold hand...
    In her mind, Lilith cursed, yelling all of the swear-words that she knew.
    Dusk grinned. "Here we go again."

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Part 16

"What were you THINKING?!" Kallista sounded apalled. "YOU JUST THOUGHT: 'Oh hey! I was almost forced to kill my best friends recently! Why don't I let myself turn into a disgusting monster that roams the streets killing people! Then they can kill me!' WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!"
    Lilith flinched away from Kallista's anger, hiding her face and not making eye-contact with any of them.
    "Leave her alone for a moment Kallista." Jaffa cut in before more yelling started. "You've been ragging on at her for hours."
    Kallista sighed. "You're right. Of course you are..." She looked back at Lilith. "I just don't see why you would do that! You were being more than a bit ridiculous." She sighed again and grabbed Lilith into a hug. This felt horribly wrong for Lilith after all that had happened recently, but she didn't say anything. "Don't let yourself become a monster like that ever again!" Kallista murmured.
    She stood back and smiled hesitantly.
    "You guys," She said pointing towards Skylara, March and Aquila. "Should get to know Lilith more before getting angry about this."
    At that, Skylara was suddenly shouting. "SHE TRIED TO KILL US ALL!" She yelled. "AND THEN SHE ALLOWED HERSELF TO TURN INTO A MONSTER!"
    March started yelling too. "AND SHE ATTACKED ME!"
    Kallista stood there, not at all shaken by their attitudes towards what she'd just said. She sighed. "In case you must not remember, Lilith helped us fight Dusk when she realised what she'd done wrong, and she also obviously didn't mean to attack you March."
    "She didn't mean, to ATTACK ME?!"
    Kallista sighed. "It doesn't matter! She's not agaisnt us, so learn to be her friend!" And Kallista walked out, rolling her eyes with an exasperated look on her face.
    They all stood there for a moment, unable to think of a conversation starter, until Lilith suddenly spoke up. "I going out for a walk." And she stepped towards the door.
    Suddenly Dragona was stood in front of her. "Lilith," He said tiredly. "You can't go outside... we..."
    Lilith stood there for a moment. She suddenly stomped her foot. "Why are you constantly trying to imprison me? I live here, and so I should be able to come and go as I please!"
    Dragona's face went hard. "Lilith, you're staying."
    Lilith growled slightly, before stomping off to her chair, plopping herself down on it, her legs sideways, and her arms crossed and leant on the back of the seat.
    The others murmured slightly, as if now desperate to fill in the silence no matter what words they used to do so.
    Lilith stared out of the window at the bright sun. She sighed, her anger melting away. How could she be angry at any of them after what she'd done these last few days? They had the right to be over protective... just a bit... didn't they?
    Lilith was abruptly throwing away this thought. She was in her house, and so they shouldn't be able to keep her inside against her will...
    She stepped forward, reaching for the window. She took hold of the latches, and yanked them open, shoving the window wide.
    Jaffa stepped cautiously towards Lilith. "What are you doing?" She asked, suspicious.
   "Oh, nothing." Lilith replied easily. "It's just such a nice day, and since you guys won't let me leave..."
   Jaffa almost seemed to sigh with relief, and Lilith realised what she must've thought. She almost laughed out loud. They all thought that she wanted to kill herself. Oh course she didn't, at least, not until she'd righted her wrongs, and tried her best to make up for siding with Dusk.
    Jaffa turned away, smiling briefly at Lilith. Lilith smiled back, then looked out of the window. She breathed in the fresh air, grinning.
    Lilith glanced quickly back at the others to make sutre no one was looking her way, and then jumped at her chance.
    She brought her right knee up, and shoved her toe through the open window, leaning her head out after it, and bringing her second leg over.
    She heard the others. "Lilith, what on earth are you doing?!" Isabella squeaked.
    Lilith didn't stop though. She made sure that her feet were nicely fit onto the window ledge, and then grabbed the top of the window, standing up. None of the people inside could see her face now, and they seemed to be getting increasingly worried every second.
    Lilith started shuffling along the ledge, reaching her arms out to the next window when she reached then end, and then slipping her feet across the short gap.
    She heard running footsteps inside, and turned to see five heads pop out of the window that she'd just been by, squishing against the frames. She giggled.
    "Lilith!" Jaffa yelled.
    "Oh look, the vamp's escaping now..." Skylara muttered in a bored voice.
    Even March glared at her. "Lilith," She looked up at Lilith as she reached the third window. "Stop!"
    Lilith shook her head and smiled. "No way, you guys aren't letting me out, so I'll let myself out!" She dropped low, and took hold of the ledge that she was stood on. She then moved one foot from it, and slid herself down the wall onto the ledge below. She grabbed the top of this new window, and continued down.
    "LILITH!" Dragona's voice roared over the top of the other's. "GET BACK HERE!"
    Lilith giggled again. "Forget it!" And she jumped down the rest of the way, landing on the ground in a neat crouch.
   Suddenly , the others were scrambling to either get out the window after her, no matter hoow ridiculous it would be, or get their heads out so that they could get downstairs.
    Lilith glanced back up at them for just a moment, and she heard another voice from inside.
    "Guys," Kallista said. "What are you-" Her head popped out of the window and she saw Lilith. "Lilith!"
    Lilith ran. She sprinted to the alley behind her house, and skidded on one heel as she turned into it. She sped forward, vaulting over the bins and skipping past the creatures that roamed through the narrow path. At one point, she even passed a hobo, but didn't stop to see if he was alarmed by her running. She knew that by now, all of them would be after her, and there was a lot of them to get away from.
    Lilith heard voices shouting and footsteps echoing as they came charging after her. She almost laughed out loud. This was almost as exciting as kicking a bad guy's butt.
    She slipped on the damp stones and landed on her bum, sliding on the rotten muck. "Euurrghh..." She made a slight sound of distaste, but when she listened and realised that the others were almost right on top of her, she hopped quckly into a doorway that was right beside her. She poked her head back into the shadows just as they tumbled through the sludge and rot that she'd just fallen on.
    They were soon gone, and Lilith stood and stepped out. She looked around, and wiped off the disgusting substance that had coated her jeans. She looked at her hand, retching at the sight and deciding to get rid of it on the wall.
    She then started off through the alley, taking a few turns and ending up outside in a clean street, filled with people.
    Lilith looked out across the sun-filled crowd. She was now able to sort all of her troubles, and what better place to start than here?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Part 15

Lilith stared out into the setting sun through the rain. She watched as the sky gradually darkened.
    And then she was suddenly filled with energy. She felt a strange kind of electricity rushing through her. She hadn't done thsi for so long that she felt entirely overwhelmed by the power of it. In other words, she hadn't allowed her inner monster, out.
    Lilith looked down at the seringe in her hand. By now she would've used the serum it held inside to prevent coming anywhere close to the point she was at now. At night, she would count the minutes so that she didn't even need to feel the start of the change. She hated any reminders of what she was.
    But tonight was different. For too long Lilith had shied away from what she was, hoping to forget about her horrid past.
    As her body began to shake, she looked down at the seringe one last time and watched it slip between her fingers.
    She shivered and shook, her arms reaching up her body. She was no longer in control.
    The change was painful, but only for a second. Soon after, you had no need to worry about that.
    Lilith grabbed hold of her skin and ripped it from her in way that some had been known to compare to Super-Man. There was nothing super about this.
    In her last few moments of control, Lilith thought of how this would look, as she only looked thirteen. She laughed darkly, wincing in pain as she ripped the last of her humanity away.

The creature ran across the dark streets, zipping through the rain. It shot like a bullet as it raced along, not thinking, not feeling, intent on finding it's first meal of the night.
    And then, the creature heard something.
    It stopped abruptly, focusing on the sound. It was down a few streets, coming closer. It turned and rushed back the way it had come.
    It turned a corner, keeping out of the light of the streetlamps as much as possible. A black and oragne porsche rounded the opposite corner and came driving down towards the creature.
    It instantly leapt out into the light in front of it, glaring at the people inside.
    The car skidded, swerving to the side in an expertly neat way, the driver careful not to so much as scratch the paint.
    In a flash the doors were open, the seven people out and ready.
    The creature scowled. There was a lot of them, but that was okay. It would get it's meal.
    It stepped forward menacingly, daring them to attack. They flinched back from the creature's movement. If it could've smiled, it would be grinning at them hugely. It liked this reaction.
    The single male stepped forward, preparing to attack. He hefted his twin katanas and stalked over to the creature.
    It lunged at him, missing as he dodged back. And suddenly it was 'all stations go'! They all moved, surrounding the thing and trying to cut it off from any escape.
    It leaped at the nearest one, knocking her back as it went. It didn't take the time to see what they looked like, moving off into the shadows to hide.
    They looked to where it had gone, searching with their eyes through the bushes. They split off to look for it seperately.
    A younger girl came off to the right, the others off in other positions.
    The creature shifted through the leaves surrounding it, moving closer to the girl. She was alone, and so would be an easy kill.
    It moved forward, stealthily coming closer. It was almost upon her.
    And then it was there, right in front of her. The girl was staring right at it, but she raised no alarm, unable to see the thing.
    She looked off to the side. Perfect.
    The creature merely stepped out, and it was on her. The girl was unconcious before she could shout for help.
    It crouched over her body, but before it could do anything, it was hit hard in the side and sent flying away across the sidewalk.
    One of the females stalked up to the creature and was about to attack again when they had a sudden moment where their eyes met.
    The person gasped. "Lilith..."

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Part 14

Isabella smiled at Lilith, trying to brighten her mood and failing yet again. She sighed and walked towards Lilith, kneeling next to her seat. "You can't keep beating yourself up about this." She told her.
    "Watch me." Lilith told her, turning away. Isabella sighed again and stood.
    The others were stood across the room, pretending to talk about Dusk and what he was planning to do, but really they were watching Lilith. They were back at Lilith's house, but I didn't seem to be having any affect on her mood.
    "Lilith, you're going to have to stop this and be happy again sometime." Isabella said. She had been trying this for the last three hours, and Lilith was not showing any sign of giving in. She was a very stubborn girl.
    Isabella walked away, giving up for the time being.
    Lilith watched her as she went. She stood. "Can I be alone in my house now?" She asked. Of course, she was only fourteen really, but she was easily responsible enough to own a house.
    They all looked around in her direction. "Umm..." Kallista said. "Yeah... Sure..." They all glanced at eachother nervously, before walking reluctantly out of the door.
    Now that the others had left, Lilith could stop covering herself up. She grimaced in pain. It wasn't a physical pain though. She couldn't fight it off. It was the pain of what she'd let herself do.
    She tried to stand, wanting to try to find something that she could distract herslef with, but she wobbled and fell, curling up into a ball on the floor. What if Aquila hadn't saved Dragona? What if nobody had managed to stop her? What if she had continued to try killing all of them after she was done with him? What would she be then? Was it possible that she could be even more of a monster?...
    She lay there, questioning herself, and then she realised it didn't matter. It didn't matter that she'd been stopped. It didn't matter that she had acknowledged that she shouldn't have done that. It only mattered that she had started. It only mattered that she had been on Dusk's side, even if it was only for that small amount of time. She was the enemy now. Her friends couldn't trust her. But then... what could she do? She'd already shown Dusk that she was no longer with him. She was alone. She was on nobody's 'side'. She had nothing left to do.
    She stumbled to her feet and opened the window as the rainy sky darkened again and she pulled out a seringe.
    Lilith looked at the serum and thought.
    She had nothing left to do... nothing left to do, but to be a monster...

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Part 13

Lilith felt horrible as she heard those last words, but all the same, she grabbed Dargona's shoulders and hauled him up, dragging him to the wall. She was only thirteen really, but she was a vampire, and so she was much stronger than the average thirteen-year-old girl.
    Dragona tried to reach for her, but pulled away, wincing in pain. Only now did Lilith see his hand wrapped in bandages. He had punched that man the other day, and he still hadn't managed to get to kenspeckle. So that's why he had been so careful.
    Lilith clenched her teeth and tried her best not to show how much it killed her when she moved her hands to his neck. She shoved him back harder against the wall, feeling the worst pain that she had ever felt shock through her. The only other time when she had felt this kind of pain was... it was when she had seen her father's dead body.
    She shook her head and pushed harder, seeing him weaken from the lack of oxygen as his body sagged.
    There was a movement from the corner of her eye, and something smacked Lilith over the head, hard. She fell again, dropping right down, and going limp in pain. She peeked up to see one of the people that she didn't know checking over Dragona. She then turned her gaze across the room, and she could see that most of the infected were dead, causing Dusk to scowl as he watched. He came forward as some other infected came into the room. They were the ines that had been looking through the house.
    The infected ran at the girls, attacking like the others had, and Dusk came towards Dragona and his friend.
    Lilith was suddenly up and grabbing for this person who was crouched over Dragona. The person turned their head sharply. "What? Have you come to try and hurt Dragona again? Well I'm sorry, you're not getting anywhere near him! Aquila Felis doesn't betray her friends like some no-good vampires!"
    Lilith didn't know why she was stood up herself really. She had just suddenly been there. And the she remembered Dusk. She grabbed the person called Aquila, and she tried to show her the real threat, but she just hit her away. That was when Lilith felt the pain.
    She reached up to her head, and she felt the large gash that had been sliced into her head, just above her ear. She realised that it had been Aquila's sword that had whacked her away from Dragona. She cursed herself as she realised that that would probably kill her in a few moments. It had cut very deep, and Lilith's blood was dripping down the side of her face as she leant forward to get up.
    Lilith stood and looked around in time to see Dusk bending over Aquila. He took hold of her shoulders and threw her into the wall behind Dragona and stepped forward to attack her again.
    In the next few seconds, time seemed to slow down. Lilith could see her friends fighting with the other two girls, trying their best to keep the infected at bay. She saw Dragona, laying unconcious on the floor. And she saw Dusk stepping towards Aquila to kill her. Lilith leapt up, acting on instinct, and she ran at Dusk, taking him by surprise. She shoved him in the side, hard, pushing him away from Aquila.
    Aquila looked up, dazed, but when she saw Lilith, she was suddenly on her feet. "Who's side are you on?!" She yelled.
    Dusk was ready again, staring at Lilith. "Go on, kill them!" He ordered her.
    "No." She said simply, then she charged at him. She ran forward, but as soon as she was within a metre of him, he shoved her roughly off to the side with ease. She fell, but was back up on her feet in a second. She ran again, but was stopped suddenly by the hand that closed around her neck and lifted her from the ground. Dusk looked up at her, his gaze not so angry, more pittying. She grasped at his hand, her fingers slipping off his uselessly. And then Kallista was there, tackling him to the ground.
    Lilith fell, Dusk letting go, allowing her to breathe again. She gasped for air as she dropped. She looked up at Kallista as she jumped back from Dusk when he attacked.
    Lilith glanced around the room from where she was on the floor, and saw that most of the infected were gone, all of the others preparing to help fight off Dusk. He looked up from fighting Kallista, and, seeing that he was now outnumbered, was suddenly very nervous.
    Dragona was standing again, over by the wall, and Aquila was stood in front of him. She looked as if she was trying to protect him, and Dragona could see that and was trying to get her to move away. He didn't really lik people acting like he needed protection.
    Kallista was stood right in front of Dusk, and the other two were behind Lilith somewhere, obviously getting ready to fight Dusk with the others. Isabella stepped forward, just into Lilith's line of sight.
    There was silence through the whole room as Dusk realised that he was alone. Lilith wasn't with him anymore. The infected were all gone now. He stood there, looking around the room at all of the people that were going to fight him.
    They were all dead still. And then Dusk ran. He leapt forward with inhuman speed, pushing Kallista back when she tried to stop him. He grabbed Lilith, pulling her back with him as he headed towards the door. He held her so that she was facing the others, and whispered harshly in her ear. "I warned you!"
    And then he yelled in shock and pain as an arrow shot through his shoulder right beside Lilith's head, forcing him to let go of her.
    "Jaffa!" Kallista cried in relief as a girl who looked to be about Lilith's age came sauntering into the room.
    "Thought I'd come and join the party!" She said, a calm smile on her face.
    Dusk glared up at her and reached to grab her, but she whacked his arm away before he could get close. Then they were all on him, running to fight him sooner.
    He looked at them, and he was gone, running faster than anyone could blink.
    They were still for a minute, before the girl called Jaffa finally turned towards Lilith. "Name's Jaffa Morbid! Pleased to meet you!" But one of the girls that Lilith didn't know stepped forward before she could shake hands.
    "She's with the enemy!" She said.
    "No Skylara, she's not!" Kallista said, stepping forward. "Dusk tried to kill her! Do you think that means that they're working together?"
    Skylara glared at Lilith but said nothing. Then the other girl stepped forward. "She went against Dusk just now Skylara. She's with us now." And they all looked at Lilith as she stood there, wondering how they could still like her.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Part 12

"I knew it!" Skylara shouted suddenly, making them all jump. "You trusted a vampire guys! A vampire! It was bound to happen!"
    Kallista expected Lilith to look up at Skylara and say something like: "Bound to happen? I haven't gone and betrayed my friends if that's what you mean!" But instead she just stood there, not making eye-contact with anybody.
    Isabella stared, gaping. "Lilith..." She said, stopping short and shaking her head. But Dragona just finished her sentence off for her.
    "You can't seriously be siding with Dusk?!"
    And then Dusk stepped forward. "Of course she is." He said calmly. "I'm the one who made her what she is." Lilith fritted her teeth but said nothing.
    Kallista, seeing this and obviously remembering all of the times when Lilith had cursed herself for what she was, screamed at him. "SO IT WAS YOU!" She yelled. "SHE HATES HERSELF BECAUSE OF YOU!" And then she ran forward, attacking. Aquila tried to grab her back, as she was the closest, but Kallista's clothes just slipped through her fingertips. "Kallista, don't!" She called.
    Kallista raised her weapon to hit Dusk, but Lilith was suddenly there, grabbing her arm as she brought it down. Kallista looked up in shock at Lilith's face. She gasped as Lilith flung her back towards the others. Dragona and Isabella gasped too, but the other three just glared.
    Dusk nodded, the hints of a smile on his face.
    Aquila, March and Skylara stepped forward to attack Dusk and Lilith, but Dusk gestured towards the infected, and they sprang in onto the little group. They began to fight.
    But Dragona wasn't going to be distracted. He swerved away from his attackers, expertly dodging there swipes. He ran at Dusk, who was just leaving through the door. Again, Lilith stepped in front. She tried to block Dragona's hit, but he just moved it onto her. He punched her round the side of the face knocking her to the floor, and she looked up as he stared down at her no emotion showing on his face.
    She shook her head and he came at her. She ducked her head down to the floor and kicked her legs out in a large circle. He fell, tripping over he ankles, and she got up. He reached out to grab her and pull her back down, but she lashed out with the leg he tried to take, kicking him in the side of the head. He clenched his teeth and whacked her hard in the side of her leg, but still, she stayed standing.
    Lilith didn't know how she was doing it. Dragona had always been so much better at fightin than her. But she felt so... angry, and yet so miserable. It was like there was a huge fight going on inside her as well as outside. She didn't even seem to think about her actions, she just fought.
    She kicked Dragona again, in the side this time, and moving faster than was fair for him. She heard a loud snap as her boot hit the side of his chest, and she looked up when she saw some movement across the room. Dusk was stood there, by the door, properly grinning now. "The first kill is yours." He said, and he leant back against the doorframe to watch.