Sunday, 4 September 2011

Part 18

Lilith opened her eyes.
    A bright white light shone on her. This was quite different to last time.
    Dusk walked in through the door opposite her, and sat down. His friend from last time stepped in after him, locking the door.
    "Lilith," Dusk spoke "We've been here before. We know how this ends."
    "Not this time Dusk." Lilith spoke clearly, not drowsy in any way. Yes, she had been knocked out, and so yes, she was a bit hurt, but she wasn't actually scared. Maybe it was because she hated herself anyway, and wouldn't mind dying. Or maybe it was because she really believed that Dusk wasn't going to hurt her. Whatever the reason, she was able to speak strongly, and that was very helpful.
    Dusk shook his head. "You'll give in to us. You know you will. What's the point of you acting this way now?"
    Lilith ignored the question, asking her own. "Dusk, why are you doing this? Why do you want me so bad?"
    "I don't." Dusk smiled evilly. But there was something behind it, some sort of uncertainty. Dusk hid it well though.
    "Then why not just leave me alone? Or better yet, kill me! That would help you, and your little party of idiots!"
    Dusk's friend growled.
    Dusk himself just shook his head. "That would not help us. We want to preserve as many of our own kind as possible."
    Lilith narrowed her eyes. "What are you really trying to do here? What is this evil scheme of yours?"
    Dusk sighed almost sadly. "I cannot tell you that unless you agree to side with us, and I am sure of your absolute devotion. Sorry."
    Lilith looked at him for a moment, searching in his eyes. He looked away automatically, making her raise her eyebrow.
    When Dusk looked up, he realised what he looked like now and scowled at her. Looking at his hench-man, he barked, "Kill her!" and turned to leave.
    "Aww, what's wrong Dusk?" Lilith asked, her mocking voice causing him to stop and half turn his head back to her. "Are you unable to do anything for yourself anymore? You seem to use this man here a lot!"
    He growled. "I will not be baited by you!" And with that he stormed out of the room.
    The man grinned at Lilith. "I think this is gonna be quite fun..."
    She smiled breezily back at him. "Ditto."
    As he advanced on her, slowly to add to the tension, Lilith fought to drive back the panic that had overwhelmed her when she was last in this position. This time... she didn't have a plan... but she had a chance.
    The man was slightly confused at Lilith's smile, but he continued towards her. He slowly pulled a small, but very sharp, knife from his pocket, and Lilith almost laughed at him. As if he needed it...
    His grin widened when he came to a stop, bending over to look her in the eye.
    Lilith swallowed, holding back for as long as she could. Wait... wait...
    Dusk's "minion" raised the knife, and the look in his eyes told Lilith that he was going to make this slow, and painful.
    But still Lilith held back, waiting...
    "Lets start on your face..." He raised the knife to her cheek, cutting into her skin lightly.
    She clenched her teeth, feeling a single drop of blood run down her face, and finally she springed into action, unable to let him continue hurting her.
    She kicked her leg (which she'd riggled free of the rope) up, shoving him away about a meter.
    Shocked, the man stumbled a bit, before growling and running back up to Lilith.
    Her body blurred slightly as she leapt up out of the chair, kicking him it the chin and landing behind the seat she had been tied to, her hands now tied to it in front of her.
    As the man stood up, Lilith noticed the blood in his mouth, and the missing teeth. He was really annoyed now. She blamed her boots.
    He ran at her, and she grabbed the chair, raising it to point the legs at him. He ran straight into the end of the chair, unable to stop. He fell to the ground. Lilith pulled the chair back and raised it above her head, bringing it crashing down on his back as he began to get up again. He was knocked to the floor again, and one of the legs of the chair fell off, another snapping. He groaned.
    Lilith stood there a moment, wondering what to do now, and suddenly her legs disappeared beneath her. The chair fell from her grip, and hit her painfully across the stomach and face as her arms came down. The man stood above her, holding the broken chair legs, grinning. Smile wide on his face, he smacked one of the legs down onto Lilith's face. He hit her a again, not allowing her to get up, then lifted his weapon and whacked her a third time. He bent low, holding her down with one hand, and he hit her on the head again.
    Her face was battered and bleeding now, a good match to his.
    Lilith was flinching in anticipation to the next hit, when the door exploded across the room, and a young woman who looked about twenty-nine stepped in through the door. Her eyes widened slightly, but a moment later she had the man pinned against the wall.
    Lilith looked over when she heard running footsteps, and saw Isabella run into the room. She knelt next to Lilith as Dragona, Aquila, Jaffa and Kal rushed in, closely followed by a tall, brown-haired teenage girl, and a slightly younger girl, who had parts of her hair blue.
    All of them ran to her side immediately, helping her up, and walking to the door right away.
    Dragona called back to the woman "Venice, come on!" and she dropped the now unconcious man, running after them all.
    On the edge of consciousness, Lilith leant hard on Isabella's shoulder, and so her and the others around her were practically carrying her away. She heard a small mumble from Isabella "We've got you now..." And then she was gone, into blackness, her mind set at ease by that single sentence.