Saturday, 31 December 2011

Part 20

After the fire, Lilith thought the pain was over.
    It should've been.
    It normally was.
    But something about this one was different.
    Something had changed.
    Lilith stared at the charred, dead body of her father.
    She turned to run, but was stopped when the world twisted around her. The ground crumbled away, dropping her down... down... down...
    She gasped, and found that she was sat on a wooden floor, her eyes closed.
    She opened them.
    It was so dark.
    Lilith squinted through the darkness.
    She could faintly see moonlight filtering through a window somewhere to her side, but clouds made the light dim.
    She breathed heavily as her eyes searched across the room. Something was going to happen, and it wasn't going to be good.
    She jumped slightly when she saw the person sat beneath the window. She waited a moment, but they  didn't seem to mean her any harm.
    Their heart... it was beating so loud... and so fast. They must have sensed it too. The danger.
    The moon briefly came clear of the clouds, before plunging Lilith and the other person back into darkness.
    She froze. Their heart wasn't beating. The person was dead. Blood was everywhere... which meant that the heartbeat was coming from-
    "What?" Lilith gasped and clutched at her chest. She was alive. "Impossible..." She whispered.
    She looked around with new eyes. Tears of... shock? Happiness? A mixture of the two... were running down her cheeks.
    Lilith blinked to clear her vision, and she looked back to the dead person. It was recent, that much she could see.
    Her eyes had adjusted well already, and she could see that the blood was trailing across the floor. She followed it with her eyes till it came right up to her. Blood surrounded the area of the floor that she sat upon a grim pool of red, with things mixed in that she couldn't bring herself to look at.
    Had she...?
    She blinked again, and the world around her changed.
    There were suddenly mirrors surrounding her, and every angle the looked, all she could see was the blood of her clothes, her hands... her face...
    Blood even dripped from the ceiling... the ceiling?
    Lilith looked up into the pitch black eyes of Dusk as he hung down by his feet... dead.
    Suddenly she was sat on dead bodies, a huge mound of them. In the terrifying heap, she could see faces... faces she knew.
    Aquila... Isabella... Kallista, NJ, NiallVeniceOctaDragona-


  1. I'M DEAD??

    Excellent part, I cannot wait to see what happens next!!
    You posted really quickly. YAY!!

  2. that was really gud :) u r a really gud writer nej! :P

  3. *hopes Lilith's having a nightmare*

    (... which is a kinda strange thing to say... 0o)