Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Part 13

Lilith felt horrible as she heard those last words, but all the same, she grabbed Dargona's shoulders and hauled him up, dragging him to the wall. She was only thirteen really, but she was a vampire, and so she was much stronger than the average thirteen-year-old girl.
    Dragona tried to reach for her, but pulled away, wincing in pain. Only now did Lilith see his hand wrapped in bandages. He had punched that man the other day, and he still hadn't managed to get to kenspeckle. So that's why he had been so careful.
    Lilith clenched her teeth and tried her best not to show how much it killed her when she moved her hands to his neck. She shoved him back harder against the wall, feeling the worst pain that she had ever felt shock through her. The only other time when she had felt this kind of pain was... it was when she had seen her father's dead body.
    She shook her head and pushed harder, seeing him weaken from the lack of oxygen as his body sagged.
    There was a movement from the corner of her eye, and something smacked Lilith over the head, hard. She fell again, dropping right down, and going limp in pain. She peeked up to see one of the people that she didn't know checking over Dragona. She then turned her gaze across the room, and she could see that most of the infected were dead, causing Dusk to scowl as he watched. He came forward as some other infected came into the room. They were the ines that had been looking through the house.
    The infected ran at the girls, attacking like the others had, and Dusk came towards Dragona and his friend.
    Lilith was suddenly up and grabbing for this person who was crouched over Dragona. The person turned their head sharply. "What? Have you come to try and hurt Dragona again? Well I'm sorry, you're not getting anywhere near him! Aquila Felis doesn't betray her friends like some no-good vampires!"
    Lilith didn't know why she was stood up herself really. She had just suddenly been there. And the she remembered Dusk. She grabbed the person called Aquila, and she tried to show her the real threat, but she just hit her away. That was when Lilith felt the pain.
    She reached up to her head, and she felt the large gash that had been sliced into her head, just above her ear. She realised that it had been Aquila's sword that had whacked her away from Dragona. She cursed herself as she realised that that would probably kill her in a few moments. It had cut very deep, and Lilith's blood was dripping down the side of her face as she leant forward to get up.
    Lilith stood and looked around in time to see Dusk bending over Aquila. He took hold of her shoulders and threw her into the wall behind Dragona and stepped forward to attack her again.
    In the next few seconds, time seemed to slow down. Lilith could see her friends fighting with the other two girls, trying their best to keep the infected at bay. She saw Dragona, laying unconcious on the floor. And she saw Dusk stepping towards Aquila to kill her. Lilith leapt up, acting on instinct, and she ran at Dusk, taking him by surprise. She shoved him in the side, hard, pushing him away from Aquila.
    Aquila looked up, dazed, but when she saw Lilith, she was suddenly on her feet. "Who's side are you on?!" She yelled.
    Dusk was ready again, staring at Lilith. "Go on, kill them!" He ordered her.
    "No." She said simply, then she charged at him. She ran forward, but as soon as she was within a metre of him, he shoved her roughly off to the side with ease. She fell, but was back up on her feet in a second. She ran again, but was stopped suddenly by the hand that closed around her neck and lifted her from the ground. Dusk looked up at her, his gaze not so angry, more pittying. She grasped at his hand, her fingers slipping off his uselessly. And then Kallista was there, tackling him to the ground.
    Lilith fell, Dusk letting go, allowing her to breathe again. She gasped for air as she dropped. She looked up at Kallista as she jumped back from Dusk when he attacked.
    Lilith glanced around the room from where she was on the floor, and saw that most of the infected were gone, all of the others preparing to help fight off Dusk. He looked up from fighting Kallista, and, seeing that he was now outnumbered, was suddenly very nervous.
    Dragona was standing again, over by the wall, and Aquila was stood in front of him. She looked as if she was trying to protect him, and Dragona could see that and was trying to get her to move away. He didn't really lik people acting like he needed protection.
    Kallista was stood right in front of Dusk, and the other two were behind Lilith somewhere, obviously getting ready to fight Dusk with the others. Isabella stepped forward, just into Lilith's line of sight.
    There was silence through the whole room as Dusk realised that he was alone. Lilith wasn't with him anymore. The infected were all gone now. He stood there, looking around the room at all of the people that were going to fight him.
    They were all dead still. And then Dusk ran. He leapt forward with inhuman speed, pushing Kallista back when she tried to stop him. He grabbed Lilith, pulling her back with him as he headed towards the door. He held her so that she was facing the others, and whispered harshly in her ear. "I warned you!"
    And then he yelled in shock and pain as an arrow shot through his shoulder right beside Lilith's head, forcing him to let go of her.
    "Jaffa!" Kallista cried in relief as a girl who looked to be about Lilith's age came sauntering into the room.
    "Thought I'd come and join the party!" She said, a calm smile on her face.
    Dusk glared up at her and reached to grab her, but she whacked his arm away before he could get close. Then they were all on him, running to fight him sooner.
    He looked at them, and he was gone, running faster than anyone could blink.
    They were still for a minute, before the girl called Jaffa finally turned towards Lilith. "Name's Jaffa Morbid! Pleased to meet you!" But one of the girls that Lilith didn't know stepped forward before she could shake hands.
    "She's with the enemy!" She said.
    "No Skylara, she's not!" Kallista said, stepping forward. "Dusk tried to kill her! Do you think that means that they're working together?"
    Skylara glared at Lilith but said nothing. Then the other girl stepped forward. "She went against Dusk just now Skylara. She's with us now." And they all looked at Lilith as she stood there, wondering how they could still like her.


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