Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Part 15

Lilith stared out into the setting sun through the rain. She watched as the sky gradually darkened.
    And then she was suddenly filled with energy. She felt a strange kind of electricity rushing through her. She hadn't done thsi for so long that she felt entirely overwhelmed by the power of it. In other words, she hadn't allowed her inner monster, out.
    Lilith looked down at the seringe in her hand. By now she would've used the serum it held inside to prevent coming anywhere close to the point she was at now. At night, she would count the minutes so that she didn't even need to feel the start of the change. She hated any reminders of what she was.
    But tonight was different. For too long Lilith had shied away from what she was, hoping to forget about her horrid past.
    As her body began to shake, she looked down at the seringe one last time and watched it slip between her fingers.
    She shivered and shook, her arms reaching up her body. She was no longer in control.
    The change was painful, but only for a second. Soon after, you had no need to worry about that.
    Lilith grabbed hold of her skin and ripped it from her in way that some had been known to compare to Super-Man. There was nothing super about this.
    In her last few moments of control, Lilith thought of how this would look, as she only looked thirteen. She laughed darkly, wincing in pain as she ripped the last of her humanity away.

The creature ran across the dark streets, zipping through the rain. It shot like a bullet as it raced along, not thinking, not feeling, intent on finding it's first meal of the night.
    And then, the creature heard something.
    It stopped abruptly, focusing on the sound. It was down a few streets, coming closer. It turned and rushed back the way it had come.
    It turned a corner, keeping out of the light of the streetlamps as much as possible. A black and oragne porsche rounded the opposite corner and came driving down towards the creature.
    It instantly leapt out into the light in front of it, glaring at the people inside.
    The car skidded, swerving to the side in an expertly neat way, the driver careful not to so much as scratch the paint.
    In a flash the doors were open, the seven people out and ready.
    The creature scowled. There was a lot of them, but that was okay. It would get it's meal.
    It stepped forward menacingly, daring them to attack. They flinched back from the creature's movement. If it could've smiled, it would be grinning at them hugely. It liked this reaction.
    The single male stepped forward, preparing to attack. He hefted his twin katanas and stalked over to the creature.
    It lunged at him, missing as he dodged back. And suddenly it was 'all stations go'! They all moved, surrounding the thing and trying to cut it off from any escape.
    It leaped at the nearest one, knocking her back as it went. It didn't take the time to see what they looked like, moving off into the shadows to hide.
    They looked to where it had gone, searching with their eyes through the bushes. They split off to look for it seperately.
    A younger girl came off to the right, the others off in other positions.
    The creature shifted through the leaves surrounding it, moving closer to the girl. She was alone, and so would be an easy kill.
    It moved forward, stealthily coming closer. It was almost upon her.
    And then it was there, right in front of her. The girl was staring right at it, but she raised no alarm, unable to see the thing.
    She looked off to the side. Perfect.
    The creature merely stepped out, and it was on her. The girl was unconcious before she could shout for help.
    It crouched over her body, but before it could do anything, it was hit hard in the side and sent flying away across the sidewalk.
    One of the females stalked up to the creature and was about to attack again when they had a sudden moment where their eyes met.
    The person gasped. "Lilith..."


  1. O.o intriguing. Write the next part, pleeeeeease. Can't wait! :)

  2. OMG!! need more. please? soon?

    haha fanfics r cool, we get to see all the blog folk in a diffo way...


  3. WHO WAS THE GIRL ............PLZ TELL is it like our gang ?

  4. ...was that girl me...?

    *grimm expression forms*

    *wacks lilith with frypan*

    don't you dare eat me!

  5. *is knocked to the floor by frying pan*


    *struggles to crawl away*

  6. *steps in liliths way*

    *looks down upon her*

    *wacks her again*


    *looks up at mar*


  8. .........I'm STILL waiting ¬_¬ and im not very patient

  9. who is "one of the females" who is that .Today im just a dumbass so plz just say

  10. *sighs* it was kallista, and isabella, i have a lot to do... and also, i have recently been doing this, instead of my novel, which i am hoping to get published... so... y'know... although, i AM sorry, and i AM writing bits of the next part sometimes... :) please don't get too mad... i'm trying my best... :( did you know that is could die any moment?


  11. so......Kallista was the girl on her own u tried to eat and I was the girl who gasped

    am i correct

  12. no isabella, kallista was the one who gasped and spoke, mar *whimpers* was the... other one?...

    *backs slowly away from mar wherever she is*