Sunday, 10 April 2011

Part 12

"I knew it!" Skylara shouted suddenly, making them all jump. "You trusted a vampire guys! A vampire! It was bound to happen!"
    Kallista expected Lilith to look up at Skylara and say something like: "Bound to happen? I haven't gone and betrayed my friends if that's what you mean!" But instead she just stood there, not making eye-contact with anybody.
    Isabella stared, gaping. "Lilith..." She said, stopping short and shaking her head. But Dragona just finished her sentence off for her.
    "You can't seriously be siding with Dusk?!"
    And then Dusk stepped forward. "Of course she is." He said calmly. "I'm the one who made her what she is." Lilith fritted her teeth but said nothing.
    Kallista, seeing this and obviously remembering all of the times when Lilith had cursed herself for what she was, screamed at him. "SO IT WAS YOU!" She yelled. "SHE HATES HERSELF BECAUSE OF YOU!" And then she ran forward, attacking. Aquila tried to grab her back, as she was the closest, but Kallista's clothes just slipped through her fingertips. "Kallista, don't!" She called.
    Kallista raised her weapon to hit Dusk, but Lilith was suddenly there, grabbing her arm as she brought it down. Kallista looked up in shock at Lilith's face. She gasped as Lilith flung her back towards the others. Dragona and Isabella gasped too, but the other three just glared.
    Dusk nodded, the hints of a smile on his face.
    Aquila, March and Skylara stepped forward to attack Dusk and Lilith, but Dusk gestured towards the infected, and they sprang in onto the little group. They began to fight.
    But Dragona wasn't going to be distracted. He swerved away from his attackers, expertly dodging there swipes. He ran at Dusk, who was just leaving through the door. Again, Lilith stepped in front. She tried to block Dragona's hit, but he just moved it onto her. He punched her round the side of the face knocking her to the floor, and she looked up as he stared down at her no emotion showing on his face.
    She shook her head and he came at her. She ducked her head down to the floor and kicked her legs out in a large circle. He fell, tripping over he ankles, and she got up. He reached out to grab her and pull her back down, but she lashed out with the leg he tried to take, kicking him in the side of the head. He clenched his teeth and whacked her hard in the side of her leg, but still, she stayed standing.
    Lilith didn't know how she was doing it. Dragona had always been so much better at fightin than her. But she felt so... angry, and yet so miserable. It was like there was a huge fight going on inside her as well as outside. She didn't even seem to think about her actions, she just fought.
    She kicked Dragona again, in the side this time, and moving faster than was fair for him. She heard a loud snap as her boot hit the side of his chest, and she looked up when she saw some movement across the room. Dusk was stood there, by the door, properly grinning now. "The first kill is yours." He said, and he leant back against the doorframe to watch.


  1. *jaw drops to the floor*

    Absolutly THRILLING! You set the story up BRILLIANTLY Lilith! The fighting scenes are incredible. Love the situation you created. Just BRILLIANT!!!

  2. i can't tell you how pleased i am that you guys all love my writing so much! the only other people who praise my work like you do are ADULTS! i don't get this from anyone else! thankyou for your positive comments!

  3. O.M.G!!! its totally awesome! captivating yet again :)

  4. so glad you like it! i've almost finished the next part!