Sunday, 17 April 2011

Part 14

Isabella smiled at Lilith, trying to brighten her mood and failing yet again. She sighed and walked towards Lilith, kneeling next to her seat. "You can't keep beating yourself up about this." She told her.
    "Watch me." Lilith told her, turning away. Isabella sighed again and stood.
    The others were stood across the room, pretending to talk about Dusk and what he was planning to do, but really they were watching Lilith. They were back at Lilith's house, but I didn't seem to be having any affect on her mood.
    "Lilith, you're going to have to stop this and be happy again sometime." Isabella said. She had been trying this for the last three hours, and Lilith was not showing any sign of giving in. She was a very stubborn girl.
    Isabella walked away, giving up for the time being.
    Lilith watched her as she went. She stood. "Can I be alone in my house now?" She asked. Of course, she was only fourteen really, but she was easily responsible enough to own a house.
    They all looked around in her direction. "Umm..." Kallista said. "Yeah... Sure..." They all glanced at eachother nervously, before walking reluctantly out of the door.
    Now that the others had left, Lilith could stop covering herself up. She grimaced in pain. It wasn't a physical pain though. She couldn't fight it off. It was the pain of what she'd let herself do.
    She tried to stand, wanting to try to find something that she could distract herslef with, but she wobbled and fell, curling up into a ball on the floor. What if Aquila hadn't saved Dragona? What if nobody had managed to stop her? What if she had continued to try killing all of them after she was done with him? What would she be then? Was it possible that she could be even more of a monster?...
    She lay there, questioning herself, and then she realised it didn't matter. It didn't matter that she'd been stopped. It didn't matter that she had acknowledged that she shouldn't have done that. It only mattered that she had started. It only mattered that she had been on Dusk's side, even if it was only for that small amount of time. She was the enemy now. Her friends couldn't trust her. But then... what could she do? She'd already shown Dusk that she was no longer with him. She was alone. She was on nobody's 'side'. She had nothing left to do.
    She stumbled to her feet and opened the window as the rainy sky darkened again and she pulled out a seringe.
    Lilith looked at the serum and thought.
    She had nothing left to do... nothing left to do, but to be a monster...


  1. :O awesome! cant wait to find oot what happens to u...*hint hint*

  2. hint? umm... anyway... I'M GLAD YOU LIKE IT! :D

  3. Wonderfully written, Lilith. I love it! Fantstic story.

  4. thank-you lilith :)

    I truat you but in the fan-fic I don't and I always knew you'd come bk after the fight with um..........GEPARD yep see i remeber >:L retarded smile .Thank you for my name first of all :D

  5. so now i can annoy you for the 15th part >:L

  6. Awesome, Lilith, just awesome :) y'know......I'm on your side *hinthint* :P
    Great story, can't wait for the next part!

  7. next part plz start writing the next part ¬_¬ or else

    dun dun dunnnn

  8. Thanks guys for the positive comments! :)

    You are welcome Isabella, but that threat is kinda empty since if you killed me, I would no longer be able to write my fan-fic, and that's the exact opposite of what you want! You are welcome anyway, and don't you worry your sweet little head! The next part will be INCREDIBLY DRAMATIC!!!... I hope...