Sunday, 10 April 2011

Part 10

It was dark. It was pitch black in fact.
    Lilith stared into the darkness. Some clouds had moved over the moon.
    Light suddenly shone across the ground, illuminating the world around Lilith. She thought about how she could be a horrible monster again... she could, but she wasn't. She wasn't because luckily Dusk had allowed her some serum for the task ahead. Lilith flinched at the thought of what she was about to do.
    Dusk came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder, as if he were her father. "Are you ready?" He asked. Lilith had never been any less ready for anything in her whole life, but despite this, she nodded.
    "Then let's go." Dusk said quietly, and he began to walk towards the house.
    Lilith followed slowly after. She decided that the house must've been the one that she had been in the day before. It had the same abandoned look about it.
    Dusk's men came up behind them both. They were all just infected people. Dusk and Lilith were the only proper vampires here.
    They appraoched slowly, taking their time. They then reached the wall and Dusk called his men forward quietly. He nodded up to the top window that was open. They began to climb, and Lilith was actually impressed.
    They reached the top and opened the window wider. They climbed inside and swung down a rope. Obviously Dusk felt that climbing with just his hands was too low for him. He offered it to Lilith first. She just shook her head and Practically jogged up the wall, trying to show him that it really wasn't that hard.
    He used the rope anyway, and was up there seconds later.
    They crept through the house, looking out for their target (Lilith would not think of them as her friends or ex-friends). They went down the corricor and heard voices from a door that stood half open.
    Dusk quietly instructed Lilith to check if they were all there. Inside there were six people. Kallista, Isabella, and Dragona, and then three more that Lilith didn't know. She shrugged at Dusk, and so he sent out a small group of the infected to search the house, and kill whoever they found.
    That last part made Lilith feel sick inside. She grimaced, but pushed those thoughts away.
    They went closer to the door, Dusk stood behind Lilith, observing her every movement. The left over infected were waiting for the order that would send them in to attack the people inside this room.
    Lilith stared at the door as Dusk spoke. "It's your move." He said. "You order the kill..."



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  3. i is glad that you is enjoying it! in the next part, we're looking at it from your point of view!

  4. WHOA! This is FANTASTIC!!!! I love it Lilith!
    I can't wait to see what happens!!!!

  5. i am already writing the next part! :D