Sunday, 10 April 2011

Part 11

They were back at the house. The medical equipment turned out to be very good, and they thought that they would probably be able to put it to good use. And so, they had decided that while they were here, they may as well discuss their next move.
    "We have no idea where she'll be!" Isabella said. "How are we supposed to find her?"
    "In a very clever way." Dragona said, not even looking in her direction.
    She glared at him. "Helpful!" She said sarcastically.
    The others weren't really paying much attention to what was going on, and so they weren't having very much luck in solving their problem.
    Skylara stood in the corner, not sying much. Her glittery eyes scanned the room, but even so, it seemed as if she wasn't really all there. And then she spoke. "There's someone upstairs." She said. Everyone looked at her. "There is someone upstairs." She told them again.
    Aquila stepped forward. "You're hearing things. You can't hear anything from up there right down here! And the door's locked! How could anyone get in?"
    Kallisata flinched and Aquila turned. "Oh, yeah right. Well, I can't see why that person would come back. Okay, so they were able to climb in through the window, they already got what they came for!"
    They shrugged it off, and Dragona started trying to get everyone to start thinking about Lilith again.
    But Skylara wasn't paying attention to any of it. Yes, Aquila had been right. She couldn't hear anything that was going on upstairs from down here, but she just... knew. There was someone else in the building, and it was bothering her.
    March noticed. She came over. "Are you alright?" She asked softly so that the others ouldn't crowd around them.
    Skylara looked up and stared at her for a moment, before coming back into reality. "Huh? Uh, oh yeah! I'm fine!"
    March nodded uncertainly and walked away slowly.
    They spoke about their plans, not really knowing what they were yet. And then the door opened.
    They rushed in, ten of them at the most, all of them infected people. The group of friends in the middle  of the room prepared for a fight, but a moment later, Isabella, Kallista, and Dragona all took a step back.
    The others looked up as Dusk entered the room. But they soon realised that he wasn't what their friends were staring at. It was the young, pale girl that stood in front of him. She had black hair that went just over her shoulders and was tinged red at the bottom, and her eyes were pravtically black, the way many vampire's eyes were.
    "I'm sorry." She mouthed to them all.


  1. WHOA! EPIC Lilith! Love the story and the drama here. Can't wait to read the next part. :)
    Thanks for posting!

  2. i've already posted the next part! i'm on a roll tonight!