Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Part 6

Lilith stared. She stared at Dusk, not understanding what he meant. She shook her head slowly. He scowled.
    "Choose wisely girl."
    She continued shaking her head. "What are you talking about?..."
    "You are on the wrong side. You are a vampire."
    "Please don't remind me!"
    "I created you. You should be with us."
    Dusk just waited.
    Lilith wanted to say no. She wanted to say that she hated him for what he'd done to her. She wanted to tell him to do his worst, and tell him that she was not going against her friends.
    Lilith sat there and opened her mouth to say this all, but was absolutely horrified when she discovered that she couldn't. She couldn't make herself say it. He was, after all, right. She was a vampire. She was a disgusting monster. And he was the same as her. He might help.
    Lilith sat there, as Dusk's face slowly became more and more assured and calm. He obviously believed that she would say yes.
    This made Lilith furious. He should not assume such things!
    "No." She finally said.
    Dusk raised an eyebrow, but he did not anger. "No?"
    Lilith just nodded, not able to trust herself with any more than that.
    "Are you sure?"
    Lilith stared at him for a moment. "Of course." She finally said.
    Dusk stood there, deciding what to do. He stood straighter suddenly. "Then I have no use for you." He walked into the darkness and opened the door that he came through. "You may dispose of her now." He said, then he walked quickly out, and away from the room.
    THe man who had slapped Lilith before came into the room, and as he came into veiw, Lilith saw that he was smiling. "This will be fun."
    "You can't just kill me while I'm strapped to a chair!" Lilith told him.
    "I can, and I will."
    "Where's your dignity?" Lilith asked him, pointing her nose away from him.
    He just stood there looking confused.
    "You should let me stand, or you will become a completely bad person.
    At this he smiled. "I think I can live with that." He said. Oops.
    The man stalked towards Lilitth, the smile now back on his face. Lilith lost her confidence. He was really going to kill her. Her friends didn't know where she was this time. She had no help coming. There was no way out. She decided to do something she'd never done before. Her last chance. She begged.
    "Please." She said. "You don't have to kill me. You could just let me go! Dusk would never know, would he?"
    The man just smiled more.
    "But really, you don't have to kill me, do you? Dusk just said that he had no use for me, right? Well that doesn't neccesserily mean that I have to die!"
    "If it's what I've been told to do, and so I'll do it."
    Lilith could see no way of stopping this man, and she didn't want to die. No matter how revolting she was, she wasn't suicidal. She shrunk back as the man advanced slowly. He was trying to enjoy it more. Lilith started blurting out anything she could think of to stop him. She was desperate.
    "You don't need to follow his orders! You can be your own man! I am! Well I'm actually my own woman, but what's the difference! And would you like to die? No I don't think so! I don't! Please don't kill me! I don't want to die! I'll join you if you'll let me live, just please!" Lilith was well aware that she was making an idiot out of herself. She closed her eyes, knowing the man would not pay attention. But she was surprised. He stopped. Lilith opened her eyes. She stared at him.
    "I'm not allowed to kill you if you agree." He explained in a rather dissapointed voice.
    "So you don't?" He asked excited again.
    Lilith shook her head quickly. "No! Yes! Umm... Of course I do!"
    The man frowned and pulled out some device. It could have been a phone, it could have been a walkie talkie. Lilith couldn't tell with this light.
    "She's said yes." The man spoke into it, then he put it back in his pocket. Dusk is coming back. He said gloomily.
    He left, right as Dusk came back in. "You said yes." Dusk said as a statement.
    Lilith stared in horror. What had she done?!


  1. wow. i love the way u write. its very captivating :)

  2. thanks! i'm glad that all of you guys like it! :D

  3. Very cleverly writen Lilith! Fantastic story line. I love it! XDDDD
    Thanks for posting!

  4. glad you like it kallista! i am writing a novel right now you know!