Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Part 7

"Aquila, we need to gather the guys." Dragona spoke into his phone as he drove through the streets.
    "Okay, I'll get them ready!" She hung up.
    Dragona put his phone back in his pocket. He thought, as he drove, about the time when he had first met Lilith. He thought about the first time she had come to Ireland. She had been living in England until something had happened. She would never talk about it.
    She had been walking through the streets, looking around. It was raining, and so itwas a very gray day.
    Dragona had seen instantly what she was. He had walked up to her, walking at her pace by her side.
    "What are you doing?" He had asked.
    "What?" She looked rather confused.
    "I'm not going to let you just go stalking around here, looking for someone else to kill." He had said harshly.
    She had then looked at him suddenly, and stared. She looked as if she was going to cry. "How do you know?" She had asked him.
    "You're a vampire... isn't it obvious?"
    "A what?!"
    He stopped and looked at her. She seemed genuinly surprised.
    "That's what I am? You... and you know about me?"
    He just looked at her.
    "You need to help me!" She had suddenly said. "You need to help me! Please!" Dragona had stepped away from her then.
    "What do you mean, help you?" He asked her.
    "I don't know what to do! I killed-" She stopped. She had then looked down at the ground. "No one can help me." She had murmured, then she turned and walked quickly away.
    Dragona had known that it was probably a bad idea, but she had seemed so... confused and helpless. She obviously didn't know what she was as well as she should, and if she didn't know that, then she would have nowhere that she could keep herself locked in at night. Dragona didn't want a vampire running loose around town. So he had stopped her and offered his help.
    Soon after, he introduced her to Kallista, and they had become friends. They weren't the closest of friends, but they were happy to help eachother.
    That had been a few months ago actually. Lilith had only met Dragona and Kallista a while ago, but they still knew that they could count on her.
    Well, they knew that they could count on her about as much as you could count on a vampire...


  1. AWESOME LILITH! All your fanfics are awesome!

  2. WOW! Awesome Lilith! I like how you bring up the past and tie the reader into the character's feelings.
    Great job on the writing and posting!


    *glint glint*

    i wanna punch Dusk!

  4. GOOD! it's good that you want to punch him! and i'm glad that you like it! i will try to write the different parts as fast as humanly possible!