Friday, 8 April 2011

Part 9

"We're sorry, but we need to ask for your help." Dragona said to his three friends.
    "What we ask might be a bit shocking." Kallista said. They all started looking rather worried.
    "Our friend has been kidnapped by... someone. She was unconciuos when it happened." Dragona told them. "And we need you to help us find her to get her back."
    "Well then, what are we waiting for?" Aquila asked impatiently. Aquila Felis had long brown hair and brown eyes. She stood there, wanting to go, with her sword at the ready.
    "Aquila, we need to tell you something first." Kallista told her. "You might not want to help if we do but you need to know. Our friend... she is a vampire." Immediately after Kallista said that, they were talking over eachother, shouting about how they didn't want to go off and help some unknown vampire. They made faces at the thought, then they all turned to walk away.
    "No, wait!" Dragona ran up to the gruop to stop them. "She isn't like that! She was attacked! She was attacked when she was changed and she never wanted to be what she is, so it isn't her fault! She swore to us that she would never go against us!"
    "Your point is?" Skylara said. Skylara Wolfbane looked about nineteen and had brown hair and glittery silver eyes."You can't trust her, no matter how many times she's said she's your friend!"
    "Yeah." March Pathway frowned at dragona. She was a very friendly and had dark crimson hair that was close to black. She had bright blue eyes, and she looked about eleven. "Dragona, Kallista... you know that I'd normally want to help you but... a vampire? Sorry."
    Kallista and Dragona stared after them. Isabella stood behind them, not saying anything. They were devastated.
    Then Isabella spoke up. "So you're LEAVING?!" She yelled. The others turned in surprise at her outburst. "You're leaving why? Because she's a vampire? Well if she doesn't want to be, then you can hardly use that against her! And anyway, if you don't help us, then we'll just go on our own! Imagine what we'll be walking into, for our friend! Who do you think would kidnap a vampire, knowing how angry they'll get when she wakes up?! If you won't help us, then that's just going to make you feel bad later!" She stopped and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes. "Sorry." She mumbled, then she turned and walked back past dragona and Kallista.
    Aquila, Skylara and March stared after her. March stepped forward. "I'll help." She said. "We're in." The others said in unision.



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