Sunday, 3 April 2011

Part 2

Lilith woke up in a dark room. She rolled over and saw a window. It was nighttime and it was raining. Typical.
    She stood up and tried to walk, but she felt kind of woozy, so she sat down on the bed. She looked around the room.
    There was a set of drawers in the corner of the room, and on top of it was a mirror. Lilith looked in the mirror and scowled. She had a black eye. Now she really hated that man.
    There was a creaking sound and Lilith was up on her feet and ready in a fighting position, despite the woozieness, in less than a second. She was quite fast, but in the vampire world, she was dissapointment when it came to speed.
    But it had only been the wind shaking the house.
    Lilith sighed and hobbled over to the set of drawers, hoping to find her clothes, so that she could change out of this hideous gown. She wondered who would have put her in ahospital gown in a house like this.
    She saw her clothes folded up neatly, and she grabbed them.
    She was soon dressed in her comfortable white t-shirt and jeans. They were casual, but they reminded her of home in a non-painful kind of way...
    Lilith slipped into her black leather jacket, and she finally felt complete.
    She opened the door, making it creak loudly, and peered around the edge. She looked down the empty corridor.
    She didn't understand why her friends had brought her here... unless they hadn't. What if it had been that man? She decided that she wouldn't be surprised if they had given her to him. She was a vampire! Who, in their right mind, would want to be friends with a vampire?
    No! She thought to herself. They would never do that! That's why they are called friends! and besides, they've never really been in their right minds... She smiled at the memory of the conversations she'd had with her friends.
    They were strange, but they were all Lilith had left to keep herself sane! Her friends were practically all she had left. She had no home, no family... she tried desperatly to block out her next thought, but it didn't work.
    She remembered how all of the people she used to know were dead. In her mind, the story was replayed like a movie. The story of how she killed everything that she had loved...