Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Part 5

"Are you hurt?" Dragona asked frantically as he ran through the house. He saw Kallista hiding in the corridor, somewhat unsuccessfully due to the sheer bareness of the building.
    "No." She replied. "But Lilith-"
    "What happened to her?!" Dragona interrupted, starting to get worried. He rushed into the room. The bed was thrown into the wall, with the covers tossed after it. The set of drawers had been ripped apart violently, and the mirror that had been on top had fallen to the floor, smashing as it had made contact. There was no sign of Lilith.
    "What... happened?" Dragona asked as Kallista came into the room.
    "Vampires." Dragona clenched his teeth when he heard the word.
    "We need to leave." He said.
    "What will we do?" Kallista asked.
    "We... we'll try to find Lilith..."
    "How? We have no idea where they took her! What are we supposed to do? We need help! And where is Isabella?"
    "She's gone ahead to find the others."
    "There was just me amd her, and we needed some more help with Lilith."
    "But... you do know that Lilith doesn't know them yet... right?"
    Dragona sighed. "Yes. But we needed them... when we had Lilith with us."
    They both stared at the now smashed window, frowning and wondering where they had taken their friend.

Lilith was sat, chained upright into a chair. Her eyes fluttered open and she raised her head. She screamed in shock when she saw the two dark black eyes staring back into hers.
    A hand slapped her around the face. Lilith's dark hair flicked to the side, the deep red ends shining in the small amount of light in the room.
    Lilith's screams cut off. She stared across the room into the darkness. She frowned when she saw the person who had slapped her. "Who are-" She began, but she was cut off by another slap.
    "SHUT UP!" The person growled. She shut up.
    A door somewhere near the back of the room opened, then boomed shut, being slammed back into place. Lilith stared into the gloom, searching for this person that had just entered.
    "That's enough." The person said.
    The man who had slapped Lilith grunted, then stalked out of the room.
    The arrival stared at Lilith for a moment. She couldn't see him, but she could tell that his eyes were on her.
    "You're a mistake." He said suddenly.
    "Excuse me?" Lilith asked, shocked.
    "You are a mistake." The man said again. "I didn't mean to make you... but oh well, that doesn't matter."
    "What on earth are you talking about?"
    "I made you what you are, Lilith."
    Lilith suddenly felt horribly cold inside. She knew that she really was, but she'd never really felt it. She felt a horrible rage flood through her body. She felt it tingle at the ends of her fingers, as her anger fed her strength.
    "I was..." The man continued. "I was merely... well, you probably already know what I was doing, don't you? But I must ask, how did you come across the serum? I have my own of course, but I know that it isn't always easily found."
    Lilith didn't want to answer, but she didn't fancy getting hurt because of her not cooperating. "I asked around." She murmured. "I don't want to be this." She looked down at her body, as she could not use her arms.
    "Ah, yes. You probably would find out about it from other people."
    "Why am I here?" Lilith blurted.
    The man stayed silent a moment. "Becuase I created you..." He said.
    "Yes, I know that, but why do you whant me here? You can't have just kidnapped me because you wnated to tell me that!"
    "Hm... you're right..."  He seemed to be deep in thought. "I brought you here to get you away from those people. They are not the right gruopfor you to be with. You are important, and I need you to trust me." The man stepped out of the shadows. "I need you to join me." Said the man that they all knew as Dusk.


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