Monday, 4 April 2011

Part 4

Kallista walked through the dark, dusty corridor, making the floor boards creak. As these sounds echoed through the whole house, she frowned, wishing that they hadn't come here to help Lilith. But they had been in a hurry to sort her out, and this place did have medical equipment downstairs for whatever reason.
    She reached the door to the room that they had placed Lilith in. She reached out toopen the door.
    Then she realised that the door was slightly open. She pushed it open hard, slamming it against the wall, and rushed in. She looked at the bed, but she couldn't see Lilith in it. And then she noticed a small movement on the floor.
    Kallista looked down to see her friend lying on the floor, curled up and shivering. She crouched by Lilith, trying to check her over as best as she could.
    "DRAGONA!" She yelled at the top of her voice.
    There was the sound of running footsteps, and a few seconds later, a man who looked to be twenty came running into the room, ready in a battle poistion, despite the fact that his hand seemed to be broken.
    He was shortly followed by a tall, teenage girl with long, straight black hair.
    They stood there for a moment, looking for the danger, and when they saw nothing, they looked confused. But then they saw Kallista down on the floor by Lilith and they rushed to help.
    "What happened?" The man asked.
    "Dragona..." Kallista started, but she couldn't finish. What was happening?!
    They all tried desperatly to find something that they could do to help, but they didn't understand.
    They picked Lilith up and carried her to the bed, placing her down on it carefully.
    "What happened Kallista?" Dragona asked her urgently.
    "I... I don't know!" Kallista stuttered. "I came in and... she was jst lying there on the floor..."
    "Oh my god..." The girl muttered.
    "Let's not panic." Dragona said. "Kallista, you stay here and watch over Lilith. Call me if anything happens. Isabella, come with me. We need to go and get to Kenspeckle."
    "I hope she's alright..." Isabella said as they left.
    They ran out the door.
    Kallista sat on the floor by the side of the bed, leaning her head against the wall. She thought about what had just happened.
    Lilith had been in her house, sat there reading, and not doing much, when suddenly this man had attacked her! It was all that man's fault! Lilith wouldn't be like... this, if it weren't for him! And he broke Dragona's hand! Granted, Dragona had punched that guy, but still!
    And then Kallista heard the murmuring.
    She stood up and swivelled round, trying to see who was there. And the Lilith spoke again. Kallista stared. Lilith murmured again. "The fire..." Was all she said, over and over.
     Kallista pulled out her phone right away. Dragona was ready. "What happened?"
    "She's talking. She's saying: The fire... Do you know what she's talking about?"
    "No. Hmm... We'll get kenspeckle over there if we can, alright?"
    "Okay. And- Oh no!" There was a sound of crashing as the phone was dropped. There were running footsteps.


  1. WOW! Fantastic writing Lilith! I love it! SO freakin awesome! :D
    Thanks for posting. Can't wait to read the next part! :)

  2. *gapes*

    *starts to scream with glee*


  3. Awesome! Exciting! Fantastic!