Thursday, 7 April 2011

Part 8

Lilith stood there, looking off into the back of the room and pretending to not be paying attention. She didn't want to do this, but she had to find out what Dusk was up to, so she listened out for anything big.
    "Will you please pay attention?" Dusk asked her angrily.
    She sighed and turned back to him. It really was very boring, and Lilith was finding it hard to keep focused.
    Dusk looked at her, and he seemed to see how she felt. "Or would you like to go back on our deal?"
    She was instantly stood up straight, remembering what they had done before. "No! No, I won't go back on our deal!" She touched the part of her forearm where the scar was. They hadn't just let her join them happily. It had hurt before, so she had no wish to have it done again.
    Dusk looked at her for a moment longer. "Good." he finally said.
    Lilith stayed there for another few minutes, but she could not keep her thoughts on the men. They continued discussing their strategies, and Lilith was finding it really boring.
    But finally, they said something that caught her attention. They spoke her friend's names.
    "They will need to be taken down." Said Dusk to the other men around the room.
    Lilith was horrified. "NO!" She yelled. Everyone stared at her.
    Dusk's eyes narrowed. "No?" He asked.
    Lilith just looked around, eyes wide.
    "You will do as I say." Dusk told her, looking back to the men dismissively.
    "You are not my leader!" Lilith burst out.
    He turned his head sharply, and she was on the floor in a second.
    "You will do as I say." Dusk repeated. "Or I will kill you and your friends."
    Lilith lay there, weak and helpless. She gave in right away. "Okay." She croaked. Her throat felt sore, and she felt like someone had just punched her in the gut.
    Dusk nodded and stood, leaving Lilith to stand on her own.
    "We will attack them tonight!" He announced. Then he turned to Lilith again. "And you will be leading the way."


  1. AWESOME LILITH! I like the way Dusk is threatening your character to turn against her friends. That's really cool :)

  2. Fantastic Lilith! Yeah. You have a wonderful way of writing that gets the reader involved. I wanna beat up Dusk right now for picking on poor Lilith! Grr...
    Great job my friend! Thanks for posting!

  3. i'm glad you like it, and it's good that you feel that way! that is what i was aiming for!